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Saturday , October 13 , 2007
This comic is Japanese-style, so please read from right to left!

So, for those of you who can't read my handwriting, which I assume is everyone, I'm taking a hiatus. Again. --;; Life gets in the way of my fun time too much ;_; Like I said, I'm in school, my schedule gives me a heavy workload, I've got a new job... I just don't have the time. I may update occasionally, but almost definately not weekly.

At this point, I'd like to open up Shinseki to guest pages. Not that any of you would, but *shrug* It keeps it interesting.

That's all I have to say about that.
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4/25 - "Sugar" System of a Down"
Whoooo! New layout! Greeeeeen! And Clover!
By the way, if you didn't know, I love green and clovers. I have a clover handkerchief, and picture holder, and clock, and stuff! ^^
Yeah, I was right. I did find this on my parents' computer. Roar. This really took a lot longer than it should have. I hate table layouts. They look awesome, but they're a bitch to make. If one little thing goes wrong, or you need to change something, and you don't catch it right away, you have to go back and change every page. Ugh. So annoying.
But yay! Green! Aaahh... I need sleep. It's going on 6...

4/21 - "Sharp Dressed Man" ZZ Top
I'm so happy |D I'm finally out of that hell of a composition class! Yes, the semester is over. This means more time for me to work on Shinseki. My goal is to have 6 pages or more done by the time the Spring semester starts.
I'm also happy that I made it through an April 20 without people mentioning drugs. --;; People are so immature. --;; Okay, I shouldn't talk, but the whole 420 thing gets really old really fast. Especially... you all know that person who has to mention it, when you tell them what time it is. Sorry. It annoys me.
Also, I had a new layout that I was going to put up, but I lost it. O.o;; I have no idea where it is, srsly. I cannot find it. And I've been too lazy to redo it. Though, now that I think about it, it could be on my parents' computer. I'll have to check in the morning. I don't want to wake the dogs. XD
Mmm... sleepies @_@

3/24 - "No. 1" BoA
Okay. That was the last straw. I could handle the maximum 200 word count, and the whole not being allowed to swear, but come on. I'm talking about my C-box, folks. On top of their crappy service, they've added ads. Frickin lovely --;;
Nothing pisses me off more than ads. I wouldn't even touch my Brinkster account for years, when they suddenly put ads on the free hosted sites. Hate....
Well, anyway, I've moved to tag-board. I've used their service in the past. It's pretty good. Other than the fact that it doesn't accept foreign characters (sorry, Shunra :( ) It's really good. You can post up to 2000 words. Not characters. Words. And you can swear as much as you fucking want! :D I also like it because there are more than 6 color options. Yeah. Another gay feature of c-box. Come to think of it, I don't even know why I went with them in the first place...
As for other news, well, it's posted up above. Below the sketch page.

2/19 - "Eulogy" Tool
So I'm an hour late. Sue me XD
This week has been a real doozy. Okay... It has, and hasn't. I'm more stressed than busy. Especially since I took Wednesday off due to the snow. *Hates snow more than life itself* I've been dealing with some stuff, and school has not been helping. I've got next week off. I'll try and see if I can catch up then. I know I'm gonna have 2 busy days that week, but I'll do my damnedest! I promise!
No comment at the moment. I totally blew off my homework until just now. I'll comment another day.

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